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Discovered in October 1983 as a ruin, the Mill underwent through six years of construction and opened in the summer of 89, at Cabo da Roca, the most westerly point in Europe. The Mill began to spin again with the help of the breath of the winds that moved a dreamer. A traveler with the soul of an artist who wanted peace ...

The Don Quixote Mill is today a unique place, and at every detail it expresses much of the essence of what was once a dream, a glimpse once seen as madness, just like as Don Quixote, character of Cervantes, who in his pilgrimages around the world, with his eternal Sancho Pança, decided that yes, he would take a risk of faith and bring Moinho Dom Quixote to enchant again, with all his beauty and poetry so close to nature.


Gradually that special land started to get more and more greener, so more and more people around the world could enjoy the inspiring and breathtaking evenings that only exists here. Charming environments for romantic conversations and moments... Beautiful views to contemplate, enjoy and to admire. A creative menu with flavors from different origins and places, with local products and delicious vegetarian options with greens from our fresh garden.


Moinho Don Quixote was born from the resilience of a dreamer in his quest to provide unique moments to his visitors ... A peaceful space where the wind blows and brings the certainty of calm days in the middle of nature, where the Portuguese viola visits the world's rhythms with flavors to share at every sunrise.


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